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Replacing Wood Stair Balusters


Replacing Wood Stair Balusters Wood stair balusters are the vertical sections of railings. These vary in design, thickness, height, and spacing in older homes. Throughout history, wood stair balusters were often shorter than current building codes require, so replication of these balusters can be per originals to maintain the historic character or updated depending

Replacing Wood Stair Balusters2024-02-08T21:54:18-05:00

Replacing Historical Exterior Wood Columns


Exterior Wood Columns Homes can serve as an extension of us. Quality homes of the past often had decorative, exterior wood columns to support porches and structural overhangs. These columns showed intricate workmanship and typically followed certain rules of proportion and style established dating as far back as Greek and Roman times. Column styles

Replacing Historical Exterior Wood Columns2024-01-30T15:34:41-05:00

Wooden Handles For Tools – Types, Function, and More


Wooden Handles For Tools For thousands of years, wooden handles for tools have been essential aids to mankind, evolving from basic forms to precision-crafted components made on cutting-edge machinery. These handles serve a range of functions. They secure grips, extend our reach, optimize leverage, and streamline tasks. The benefits that wood handles provide ultimately

Wooden Handles For Tools – Types, Function, and More2024-01-19T18:43:53-05:00
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