What are wood finials?

Wood finials are features that accent the top or end of an object and are usually added for decorative purposes.

Finials are found on many types of furniture, architectural elements, lamps, flag poles, banners, curtain rods, and anything that needs to be decorated beyond the normal body of the piece. Finials are typically a different size and shape than the rest of the object. They are attached and made separately to accommodate the unique style and cost-effective nature of that separate type of machining.

Imagine turned or carved wood finials atop square newel posts, furniture pieces, or turned ball finials atop a molded dowel shaft of a flag pole or banner rod. Finials are also used on top of a lamp as an accent piece, as well as to hold the lampshade in place. They help create interest in what may be considered an ordinary item. Wood finials can also be a less expensive option when compared to certain metals, and wood parts can typically be turned into almost any design. This is not always the case with other materials.

Wood finials are attached to the main body of the part in numerous ways, including with dowels screws, threaded inserts, tenons, or endbores that are glued in place. Since they are separate from the rest of the part, they are a nice way to add accent in form and function.

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