the Baldwin School

Project Background: Baluster Replacement

The Baldwin School, established 130 years ago, has a reputation as being one of the best private schools in Philadelphia. This all-girls school is famous for its arts programs, community leadership, and college prep curriculum. The staff is hand-picked for their professionalism and ability while helping to create a supportive and encouraging educational community. The architecture at the school highlights its history and longevity. As with any establishment, over the years wear and tear will start to diminish the beauty and integrity of existing structures.

The school contacted us at H. A. Stiles for this very reason. They were looking for baluster replacement and to create numerous replica balusters along the length of one of the buildings. Happy to help, we worked closely with their team to make sure we captured the essence of the building without compromising on materials or workmanship. We were able to reproduce many of the balusters on the building.

Baluster Replacement – The Results

The results of this project were astounding. Those involved were amazed that we could so perfectly match parts that were originally made generations earlier. They were so happy with the results that a year later they reached out again to help with more baluster replacement.

In any reproduction project, the key is to make the finished product appear to have been there the whole time. Having samples to work from allows us to properly engineer the baluster to appear as if it has always been there. We work with many different species, so choosing the correct one will depend on whether it will be used exteriorly or interiorly. We work closely with the team to ensure we match the designs and utilize the proper materials. In the end, our goal is to have a satisfied customer!