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Wooden Finials


What Are Finials? A finial is a feature that accents the top or end of an object usually for decorative purposes. Wood finials are found on many types of furniture, architectural elements, lamps, flag poles, banners, curtain rods and anything that needs to be decorated beyond the normal body of the piece. Finials are typically

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Baluster Replacement at The Baldwin School


Baluster Replacement at The Baldwin School The Baldwin School, established 130 years ago, has a reputation as being one of the best private schools in Philadelphia. This all-girls school is famous for its arts programs, community leadership and college prep curriculum. The staff is hand-picked for their professionalism and ability while helping

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Wooden Spill Containment Plugs


Wooden Spill Containment Plugs Wooden Spill Containment Plugs have many uses. Tapered wood plugs offer excellent characteristics for temporary containment of leaks from drums, barrels, pipes or other containers.  The tapered shape  of these plugs allows insertion into the hole and can be pounded in for compression of the diameter to a secure seal.

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