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Wood Plugs, Wood Bungs and Wooden Wedges

Wood plugs, wood bungs and wooden wedges are offered in a variety of soft and hard woods. They are made to fill most any hole or space.  Most are made to order, accurately machined with tapers to fit your specific application.  Wood dowel plugs, bungs, and wedges are used in everything from boats, barrels and drums to house exteriors, woodwork and (especially) paper tubes. If you need to plug a hole, contact H.A. Stiles for the best solution.

Wooden Plugs for Paper Tubes

Wooden plugs are used to cap ends of paper tubes for shipping applications or industrial rolls.  Diameters from 1” – 12” are typical and available in pine, poplar, and particleboard.

Wooden Pipe Plugs

Wooden pipe plugs are used as fireworks plugs, mortar tubes and municipal applications, made with tapers or a straight shaft and chamfered end.  These are made to order in diameters and lengths as needed and typically supplied in pine and poplar.

Wooden Insulation Plugs

Wooden installation plugs are made from pine wood at numerous sizes for post construction insulation holes on exterior walls.

Wooden Spill Containment Plugs and Wedges

Damage control plugs and wooden wedges come in tapered formats for short term stoppage of round or rectangular leaks in drum, pipes, and boats. For more information, read up on details of wooden spill containment plugs.

Wood Wedges

Wood wedges are used for electronic insulators as well as shims for making height adjustments in items as fine as pool tables slates to as large as municipal water mains.

Wooden Plugs for Furniture, Flooring, and Boat Decks

End and side grain formats are offered in ash, beech, birch, cherry, mahogany, maple, oak, poplar, walnut and sizes from ¼” – 1” diameters, available from stock.

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