Round Wooden Dowels

Small Diameter Wooden Dowels


Small Diameter Wooden Dowels Wood dowels come in a variety of commercially available sizes that range from 1/12” up to 3” in diameter and larger. These dowels are produced on different types of equipment based on production efficiency as well as available stock of wood, allowing optimal yields. While the larger diameter dowels

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How Wood Turnings Are Made


How Are Wood Turnings Made? When one thinks of producing wood turnings, a typical image emerges. A person is standing at a lathe with a face shield or safety glasses in place, holding a long handled tool, shaping the spinning wood. While this happens in small scale operations and home workshops, production scale wood

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How Are Round Wooden Dowels Made?


How Are Round Wooden Dowels Made? How are round wooden dowels made? They are typically made in two different processes to maximize the yield from the raw material.  In the case of smaller diameters of 1” and less, they are typically made on a molder.  Boards are molded  with a set of knives

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