Specialty Wood Products

H. A. Stiles supplies a large variety of wood products that are custom made to order and are produced with the highest quality craftsmanship for your unique requirements. Established over one hundred years ago, we continue to hold the reputation of being one of the premier suppliers in the industry.

Our wood dowels come in a range of diameters and can be as small as skewers for candy apples and manicure sticks and as large as broom sticks and banner dowels. Wooden handles are also made to fit the tool, for example, small hand tools, wooden shovels or wheelbarrow handles. Our line of wood turnings encompasses a wide range of products that include, but are not limited to, wood knobs, plugs, kitchen utensils, wood bats and novelties.

We also supply a range of architectural wood products that include wood balusters, wood columns, handrails, wood spindles and more. We can help you conceptualize products that would suit your needs, such as custom wood gift boxes and wood crates, wine and fruit crates, for gifts and events.

We use hardwoods and softwoods for our products as well as a variety of options for finishes, branding, screen printing and engraving logos, text and designs. We can help you decide which would be best based on application, strength, appearance and finish.

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