Wood Handles from H.A. Stiles Company

H.A. Stiles supplies a vast array of industries with wooden handles in all shapes and sizes.  From very small handles for electronic applications, medium sized handles for hand tools to large handles for industrial and agricultural needs, H.A. Stiles can find a cost effective solution to your wooden tool handle needs.

While most handles tend to be turned for fit and function, we also provide molded, shaped, slabbed, and sawn handles to meet your specific requirements.

Secondary operations for handles are frequently done, which include, but are not limited to: assorted wooden handles

  • Countersunk Holes
  • Metal and Wooden Threads
  • Crossbores
  • Rounded Ends
  • Ferruling
  • Slots
  • Finishing
  • Tapers
  • Machined for receiving parts
  • Tenons

H.A. Stiles: Giving You The Wooden Handles and the Service You Need

H.A. Stiles supplies wood handles for an extremely wide variety of applications, we can also provide a number of secondary services that ensure your specifications are met faster and more efficiently.
  • Assembly and Packaging is provided as needed.
  • Branding, Imprinting and Laser Engraving is also available.
  • Wood Species: Ash, Beech, Birch, Maple, Oak, Poplar, Tauari, Walnut as well as many other domestic and imported species.

Examples of wooden handles provided by H.A. Stiles Company include:


Shovel Handles

Wood handles are manufactured with domestic as well as imported species with finishes, threading, and ferrules.

Mop and Broom Handles

Wood handles are manufactured with domestic as well as imported species with finishes, threading, and ferrules.



mop handles
Shovel Handles


Wood Tool Handles

Handles for rakes, shovels, hoes, weeders, wheelbarrows, dibbles, trowels, and more. Tool handles, striking tool handles, garden tool handles and axe handles.



wood turned handles
Turned Wood Handles

Kitchen Handles

Wooden kitchen handles for utensils, such as spatulas, knives, rolling pins, barbeque utensils, honey dippers – all with food safe finishes.

Hand Tools

Wooden tool handles of any size, shape, and finish with holes and ferrules to secure your implements.



long handles
Long Wood Handles

Do you need a wood handle to suit a specific need? No problem! Just send us a sample, sketch or fitting part and we will be pleased to offer a Stiles solution.

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wooden handles

assorted wood handles
Wooden Tool Handles in Assorted Shapes and Sizes