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H.A Stiles is pleased to announce it’s 105th year in business in the wood component industry.
March 7, 2016: In today’s world of instant communication of social media, email and cell phones with corresponding perceived immediacy in communicating needs for products, it is interesting to think back on how  business has “progressed” over the past century... read more

H.A. Stiles Increases Manufacturing Capabilities to Offer Wooden Dowels on a Greater Scale
March 23, 2015: According to Steve Parrish, Vice President of H.A. Stiles, "Anyone would be surprised by how prominent wooden dowels are. They're just about everywhere, and that's no exaggeration." With this in mind, the Maine company has developed additional sourcing to increase production capabilities in order to meet the widespread demand for a product that exists in countless applications around the world... read more

H.A. Stiles Celebrates 103 Years as a Premier Wood Product Supplier
October 17, 2014: As H A Stiles celebrates 103 years, the company finds that custom wood products are more in demand than ever. We find that people choose their custom items from established wood suppliers like H A Stiles. read more

H.A. Stiles Celebrates 102 Years of Supplying Custom Wood Products
June 13, 2013: This year H A Stiles is celebrating its 102nd year of providing premium quality wood products. The product lines that H A Stiles supplies are in constant demand.... read more

Wood Turning Provider Overhauls Processes and Secondary Services
Aug 28, 2012: Maine based wood products provider H.A. Stiles has recently overhauled processes and secondary services to offer customers in various industries a greater variety of wood turnings.... read more

After 101 Years, H.A. Stiles Continues Initiative to Reach More With Wood Dowels
July 30, 2012: H.A. Stiles, a supplier of wood dowels headquartered in Maine has announced the continuation of ongoing initiatives to enhance the availability of wood dowels for customers everywhere... read more

H.A. Stiles Celebrates 101 Years in Business as a Wood Dowel Supplier
June 01, 2012: With wood remaining a principal component in so many of the products and commodities relied on today, Steve Parrish, Vice President of H.A. Stiles, isn't surprised that the company now finds itself in its 101st year as a large scale supplier of wooden dowels and other wood components... read more

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