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Wooden Balusters, Spindles and Columns

H.A. Stiles provides finely crafted turned architectural wood pieces in a variety of species for both exterior and interior use.

We custom make all of our products to your specifications.

For over one hundred years, stair parts, furniture parts, architectural wood pieces and many other unique and custom items have been our specialty. Please refer to images above for ideas and inquire about how you can make a statement in your home.

A balustrade is made up of the handrail, foot rail and wooden balusters, as a section.  They are the upright portion of a stairwell, balcony or deck and serve in a decorative and a security capacity. The term “wooden spindles” is interchangeable with the term “balusters”. The handrail and foot rail are attached to columns or newel posts to secure in position. In large scale production, these wooden balusters are turned on back-knife or Mattison lathes.  More complicated and custom balusters can be made on CNC lathes.

Exterior wooden balusters/spindles are needed on entry stairs, but also have further applications around porch rails.  These too can be simple, though often  are more ornate in showcasing a house for curb appeal.

Wooden Columns

We offer various styles of interior and exterior shafts for a variety of architectural column styles with corresponding caps, bases and plinth such as Greek, Tuscan, Roman and Corinthian styles. Our columns are custom made to order with smooth or fluted shafts and with solid or stave construction for your restoration or new construction on commercial or residential properties.

Wood species – we can produce your individually crafted columns in virtually any domestic or imported species for interior or exterior applications in paint or stain grade.

Dimensions – 1-1/4” diameter to 32” diameter
Lengths – 2-1/2” to 16’ long

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