Wood Manicure Sticks

Wood manicure sticks are also know as orange wood sticks and orange sticks.  They are small diameter dowels with ends beveled in two different fashions or pointed.  These sticks are made from white birch.  White Birch is a close grained wood that machines smoothly and offers a versatile product. It was originally intended for care of nails in manicures and pedicures, though white birch has found numerous other uses outside the salon.  Manicure sticks are typically used to clean fingernails and to push back cuticles.  Typically this tool is inexpensive and very portable, making it a great way to maintain nails on the go.

Common Sizes for Manicure Sticks

The typical size of a manicure stick is 5/32” diameter and length of 4 – 4.5”, though some applications prefer as long as 7’’ and sometimes are requested at diameters as large as 3/16”.  Packaging varies from a few, for home use, bulk supply ( 144 sticker per box is common a quantity),  or larger quantities for commercial applications.

Secondary Operations

The end of the manicure stick is beveled to push back the cuticle.  Beveling can be offered two ways.  As a double bevel, creating a flat screwdriver type end or a single bevel, which creates a rounded and crisper edge.

The other end of the stick is often pointed, such as a pencil point.  It can be used for cleaning as well as manipulating polishes in nail art.

Is Wood or Metal Manicure Sticks better?

Both wood and metal tools each have their applications and each salon and each person will have their professional preference. In general, metal manicure sticks tend to have one flat end that is largely used to push back the cuticle.  Wood manicure sticks have one flat end and one pointed end, as described above. Birch wood is sturdy and more gentle than metal tools . Metal sticks tend to be more expensive as well. Wood manicure sticks are inexpensive, environmentally friendly  and disposable.  They usually come in packs and individual sticks should be replaced after several uses. 

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