Wooden Wine and Liquor Boxes and Crates

Wooden Wine and Liquor Boxes and Crates are a great way to either ship your product, or add a special display element.

Custom, quality boxes are used for packaging requirements while complimenting any bottle. Custom making the box to fit your specific product is a great way to stand out.  Different styles, species and materials are available. When shipping and packing wine and liquor bottles, you want to make sure that you properly protect the contents of the box and/or crate.  When designing a custom box make sure you think about the inside dimensions and include any packaging or protection you will put into the box. 

Stand out from your competitors by adding other customizations.  Think about how you want to project your image and brand to the end user. The experience should start when they open the box and first see your product. What emotion do you want to invoke? What image do you want to portray? By adding your logo and/or artwork using branding, silk screening or laser engraving techniques you can differentiate your product from others.  Different finishing options can also enhance the look and feel to your end user and help promote your branding.  Custom hardware such as locks and hinges add that finishing touch. Remember to think about the story you are telling and make sure your entire product, the wine, the liquor and the box that it is presented in, properly reflect the what you are trying to convey!

Here is an example of a slide top wooden box sized to your requirements as a packaging option.

slide top wooden box

Custom work is our specialty!