Wooden Porches

Wooden porches are a way to add curb appeal to your home. You can also add new custom wooden porch posts, columns, or balusters to an entryway.

Wooden porch posts can be made to match the style of the project and enhance newels, balusters, and railings. These turned posts can be made in a variety of wood species depending on durability, price, and finish.

What are the best exterior grade woods for my porch columns and balusters?

There are several options on exterior paint grade woods to use, though a few stand out as some of the best. African Mahogany and Spanish Cedar are excellent choices based on durability and hardness. While the wood is more expensive than other choices, it is arguably a more cost-effective means to completing the job at hand when you consider the labor costs to produce and install for constant replacement. Old Growth Cypress, Redwood, and Red Cedar were once great choices; however, the issue with these wood species is that old growth is no longer available and the second/third generation trees available today are not quite as durable.

One of the biggest factors in any wood chosen is to prevent moisture from penetrating and staying in the wood, fostering decay by fungus, followed by insects. Part of this occurs in the design/building process. The balance is in keeping a good coat of finish on the product to block moisture. Also, there should always be a barrier between the wood and concrete.

Since 1911, H. A. Stiles has remained a source for beautiful and functional wooden porches, porch posts and other staircase parts.  Consider looking into these elements of design for reproductions, replacing old posts and for new construction.