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Interior paint-grade options for wood columns

Paint-grade wood typically suggests the cheapest wood, since you will cover it. Many people think pine is a good choice for this purpose. Clear pine is more expensive than many hardwoods and the knots and pitch lines start to show within a few months to a few years, regardless of surface preparation and priming. Poplar is probably the most common paint-grade wood for interiors, as it is cost-effective, machines well, and takes a finish nicely. In high-traffic areas, soft maple might be a good choice since it is about 40% harder than poplar.

There are various styles of interior and exterior custom wood columns. Shafts come in a variety of architectural column styles with corresponding caps, bases, and plinths such as:

  • Greek
  • Tuscan
  • Roman
  • Corinthian

We can also produce pilasters, capitals, and decorative accessories. Our wooden columns are custom-made to order with smooth or fluted shafts and with solid or stave construction for your restoration or new construction on commercial or residential properties.

Wood columns for the interior of homes or buildings can be put in place to enhance any room in the house, particularly open kitchen areas, dining rooms, and formal living rooms. Kitchen islands and tables can also be built to use columns as legs of the units.

What is the difference between wood columns that are load-bearing, decorative, or both?

Load-bearing columns will support a structure and are weight-bearing. Decorative columns can be either load-bearing or non-load-bearing, depending on the application.

Wooden columns can be used for inside entryways or outdoor entrances. Add curb appeal with front entrance eye-catching wood columns. Choose your custom style which is whatever you’d like. Modern, traditional, Victorian, farmhouse, or eclectic…it’s all up to you!