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Custom Wood Boxes and Wood Crates

Sometimes custom wood boxes and wood crates are precisely what you need for promotional, storage or packaging applications and H. A Stiles Company can help. We provide a wide variety of choices ranging from finely crafted heirlooms to simple and economical slide lid gift boxes and crates. Regardless of your requirements or applications we will match your specific needs in wood choice, function, finish and budget.

Wooden boxes and crates from H. A. Stiles Company can be screen printed, laser engraved, or branded to personalize and for promotional applications. Or, they can also be left  in their natural form and beauty.  We also have the ability to provide lock corner detailing, finishing, flocking, handles as well as other value added extras.

Gift items in boxes that make a statement. Boxes, when created with branding, painting and finishing, can become the gift itself. Wooden crates are often used to package and ship wine, food, milk or other items. They can vary in size. Crates and boxes are also used for display purposes for a trade show, a store, point of purchase marketing and more.

Wood boxes and wood crates from H.A. Stiles often include:

  • Wooden displays
  • Flag cases
  • Wooden gift boxes
  • Hinged boxes
  • Slatted crates
  • Slide top boxes
  • Wood tea boxes
  • Trays
  • Wine boxes and crates
  • …and much more
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