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H.A. Stiles Celebrates 102 Years of Supplying Custom Wood Products

Westbrook, ME (June 13, 2013) - This year H A Stiles is celebrating its 102nd year of providing premium quality wood products. The product lines that H A Stiles supplies are in constant demand. One thing that sets H A Stiles apart from others is the ability to provide custom wood work for varied quantities required and economically scale up as client requirements grow.

If someone needs a unique product or if they need guidance as to what would best suit their needs, their extensive experience facilitates a variety of options.  Additionally, a wide selection of wood species and opportunity of secondary operations are available, such as branding, laser engraving and silk screening to further customize an order.

Steve Parish, Vice President of H A Stiles, says, “In the time we have been in operation, we have seen a real loyalty to wood products even though plastics and metals are readily available. Customers choose wood because of its stability, feel and décor."  Wooden boxes and crates, for example, can be kept as keepsakes and reused. Wood handles often feel better in hand and wooden balusters, newels and railings in architecture have a warmer feel than metal. Craftsmanship of wood turning isn’t lost on large production runs where items such as balusters and columns can be decorative and intricate.

According to Parrish, “We will continue to grow with the demand in wood products being offered. This anniversary is one more step in our growth with more efficient manufacturing and streamlined production that our customers require. We are proud to be able to scale with demand in our 102nd year.”

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About H.A. Stiles

H.A. Stiles was established in 1911 as a wood product supplier for both the industrial and consumer sectors by Harry Stiles, in Massachusetts. Since then, H.A. Stiles has been a nationwide supplier of wood components ranging from wood dowels, turnings, and moldings to flatwork, boxes, and more. For more information, contact H.A. Stiles at 207.854.8458 or visit http://www.hastiles.com

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