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Not only her and not only after “Hachiko.” Tears of any woman can vary the male sexual interest and make your penis pitifully smothered, but there are nuances. In 2011, Israeli scientists conducted an experiment in which men needed to sniff tears from the cheeks of women who had recently watched sad movies alone. After that, the sexual interest and potency of the subjects were compared with a control group of men who sniffed a tear-like salt surrogate (also from the cheeks of women). The results were published in the Journal Science.

Interestingly, the study used a double-blind method – it’s when neither participants nor researchers know what to sniff at the moment, tears, or salt. In general, the results are as: inhaled tears in the future less sexually aroused at the sight of women and had reduced levels of testosterone in the blood.

The hypothesis of the study in the journal Nature: Women’s tears contain a chemical that reduces testosterone, and its main purpose is to resist male aggression. Perhaps Mother Nature took care of it and gave women an evolutionary advantage. And reducing potency is more of a secondary effect. 

Erection after use of Kamagra

I’ve been on Kamagra for two years now. Three tablets a day were taken with two tablets (40 mg) and worked up to four tablets (80 mg) three times a day. At first I got a stuffy nose, but now Kamagrad is fine.

Skeptics, however, note that for the completeness of the experiment, it is necessary to conduct a similar experiment with breathing tears, but this time women who survived the movie marathon of romantic comedies – at least with Ben Stiller. There is a hypothesis that different emotionally charged tears have a different effect on men.

What to do? The obvious answer is not to upset your mistress. If she cries regardless of your behavior and video playlist, convince her to see a doctor. She may have depression or some other disorder that you both end up suffering. And Gere, as always, is excellent.

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