Frequently Asked Questions


Architectural Wood Products

Are Balusters the same as Spindles?

What are the most durable wood species for outside deck products such as railings, balusters and columns?

Do we install our home improvement products?


Dowels, Dowel Joints and Pins

How is a dowel joint used?

How would I use wood dowel pins?

What dowel sizes are available?

Can you provide food safe dowels for skewers, for example?


Wood Handles

Can you make custom handles in large quantities?

What wood species are best for mop and shovel handles?

What type of wood is the best for kitchen utensils?


Wooden Boxes and Crates

What size boxes do you make? Are they custom sizes?

Do you carry any in stock?

Can you supply both unfinished and finished boxes? If so, what finishing capabilities do you have?


Wood Turnings

What would you suggest as far as beautiful wood grain for turning bowls, finials and spindles?



What type of wood are cutting boards made of?

Which type of CNC machine is used in mass production?

What is the difference between CNC milling and CNC turning?


Wood Types

How can I choose the right wood for my product?

What are the different types of soft wood?

Which is the most water resistant wood?

How do coniferous and non-coniferous wood differ?

What are the different types of woods and their uses?

What is the difference between hardwood and softwood?

Do you offer more exotic wood species like rosewood, pear, orange and bamboo?

What are the most durable wood types for bats?



Do we make crown mouldings, base mouldings and chair rails?


Other Frequent Questions

Do you have a catalog?

Are you able to ship items to anywhere in the US?

Where are your offices?