Wooden Police Batons

H.A. Stiles has provided wooden police batons for decades and these were standard issue before the composites and telescoping options of recent years have gained in use.  These are still commonly sold as an inexpensive, traditional tool for law enforcement, around the world.

Wooden police batons need to be of a strong, dense hardwood and historically have been made of ash, hickory or hard maple as the most economical species.  More costly and heavier batons are made from imported species of  Jatoba, cocobolo, purpleheart and others.  Sizes are typically 24-26” long for standard batons and  36” for riot batons.  The end of standard batons have a beaded or contoured area for firm grip in the hand and many are equipped with lanyards to aid retention.

Wooden batons have typically been made on backnife lathes, with a fixed, specific profile produced from that tool pattern.  This is still the most cost effective means of turning these in large quantities, based on speed of the lathes, though in the case of smaller runs of hundreds, rather than thousands, a CNC lathe is more commonly used.  CNC lathes offer fast set-up and versatility for smaller run sizes , though typically slower production rates and higher costs at 1000 + quantities.

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