With exceptional service and quality, our commitment to customers is unparalleled. H.A. Stiles is known by many as one of the premier suppliers of wood components.

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Established by Harry Stiles in Boston, the company has succeeded in building a reputation as one of the premier suppliers of wood components such as wood dowels, turnings, moldings, flatwork, and more for a broad range of applications.

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CNC Routed / Shaped Flatwork
Flatwork parts from H.A. Stiles are sawn, routed or shaped to your specifications using the finest materials and workmanship.  Our products are used as wood components or as completely assembled parts. 

Columns & Balusters
H.A. Stiles provides finely crafted turnings in a variety of species for both exterior and interior use.

Moldings & Dimension
H.A. Stiles is well equipped to provide custom wood moldings and dimensional products in semi- or fully machined formats.

Mop and Broom Handles

Secondary Operations for Wooden Handles

Wooden Dowels
For years, H.A. Stiles has been and continues to be a premium source for all of your dowel requirements.

Hardwood Dowels
Throughout our history as a dowel distributor, we've continually expanded on our inventory, our capabilities, and our service to ensure that we're your first choice for wooden dowels, time and time again.

Ash Dowels

Beech Dowels


Wood Handles
H.A. Stiles supplies a vast array of industries with wooden handles in all shapes and sizes.  From very small handles for electronic applications, medium sized handles for hand tools to large handles for industrial and agricultural needs, H.A. Stiles can find a cost effective solution to your wooden tool handle needs.

Wood and Mop Handles

Secondary Operations

Wood Newels

Wood Products
Let our experienced sales staff assist you with all your wood product requirements. View what we have to offer.

Wooden Tool Handles

Wood Turnings
H.A. Stiles has extensive expertise in custom wood turnings, with the ability to produce to your exact specifications. 

Wooden Boxes & Crates
We provide a wide variety of wooden boxes and crates ranging from finely crafted heirlooms to simple and economical slide lid gift boxes and crates.

Wooden Plugs, Bungs, Wedges
Wooden plugs, bungs and wedges are offered in a variety of soft and hard woods, to fill most any hole or space.  Most are made to order, accurately machined with tapers to fit your specific application.


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