Hardwood Dowels

For over a century, H.A. Stiles has been a dedicated provider of wooden dowels for businesses and industries across the country. Throughout our history as a dowel distributor, we've continually expanded on our inventory, our capabilities, and our service to ensure that we're your first choice for wooden dowels, time and time again.

Part of our initiative to give businesses more options has been to add a wide variety of hardwood dowels to our already long list of dowels available. Just like our other dowel offerings, hardwood dowels are available in the following specifications, in addition to custom sizes on request.

  • Diameters from 1/12 - 3" diameter
  • Stock lengths of 36" & 48" lengths
  • Select species available in lengths up to 16' in select species
  • Hardwood varieties typically include birch dowels, ash dowels, oak dowels, maple dowels, and poplar dowels.

Secondary operations for Hardwood Dowels:

Wooden DowelsDo you need hardwood dowels with slight alterations or branding? We can take care of it. Secondary operations ranging from cutting to branding are frequent requests by our customers. We offer a wide variety of value added services to deliver the exact hardwood dowels you need. Whether that means a simple hardwood dowel that's been stained red, or a custom cut hardwood dowels with rounded ends, slotted shafts, and your business name laser engraved along the side - no problem.

Secondary operations include:

  • Cutting to specific lengths
  • Finishing in various stains and paints
  • Hardwood dowel shafts can be grooved slotted, cross-bored, beaded, or re-sized to a different, custom diameter.

Printing Capabilities for Hardwood Dowels:

Printing and branding can mean the difference between a dowel that just works to a dowel that's perfect for your needs. Fortunately, we offer a number of printing capabilities ranging from pad printing and silk screening to branding and laser engraving. With the capabilities available, if your dowels need to feature branding or convey a specific message we can make sure they do it right.

Printing capabilities include:

  • Pad printing
  • Silk screening
  • Laser engraving
  • Branding

When You Need Hardwood Dowels for Any Application, Turn to H.A. Stiles

At H.A. Stiles, our constant focus is being the easiest and most convenient source for hardwood dowels. With that in mind, we've taken every step to make everything from ordering to customizing your dowels simple and effective. Whether you need dowels for furniture, tool handles, or virtually any other application - we're confident that we can help, and we're positive we have the competitive bulk prices you're looking for.

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