Before and After Newel

      Wooden Newel Replacement - Before and After This happy customer needed a custom wooden newel for her staircase. We provided the perfect product to fit her unique application when a standard, off the shelf item did not work.

Ballet Barres

    Wooden Ballet Barres We supply large dowels for ballet barres in custom sizes at wholesale pricing. We welcome large quantity orders. Many studios prefer the wooden barres to metal because they are classic and are warmer than the metal options. H A Stiles

Wooden Spill Containment Plugs

      Wooden Spill Containment Plugs have many uses. Tapered wood plugs offer excellent characteristics for temporary containment of leaks from drums, barrels, pipes or other containers.  The tapered shape  of these plugs allows insertion into the hole and can be pounded in for compression of the diameter to a secure seal.   Softer woods such as pine and poplar are typically used

H. A. Stiles Celebrates 106 Years in Business

    H. A. Stiles Celebrates 106 Years in Business H A Stiles Celebrates 106 Years - a milestone in business According to Steve Parrish, Vice President, a dedicated sales team has worked to build Maine’s oldest operating established wood turning company with a national client base that offers consistently fair and honest service to its new and repeat loyal customers. Founded

Police Batons

      Wooden Police Batons H.A. Stiles has provided wooden police batons for decades and these were standard issue before the composites and telescoping options of recent years have gained in use.  These are still commonly sold as an inexpensive, traditional tool for law enforcement, around the world. Wooden police batons need to be of a strong, dense hardwood and historically

Metal vs. Wood Manicure Sticks

    Wood vs. Metal Manicure Sticks Both wooden manicure sticks and metal tools can be used in manicures and pedicures to work on cuticles. Metal manicure sticks tend to have one flat end that is largely used to push the cutical back. Wooden manicure sticks have one flat end and one pointed end. The flat end is used to push back

Manicure Sticks

Manicure Sticks Manicure sticks, also know as orange wood sticks and orange sticks, are small diameter dowels with ends beveled in two different fashions or pointed.  These sticks are made from white birch, a close grained wood that machines smoothly and offers a versatile product originally intended for care of nails in manicures and pedicures, though has found numerous other

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