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H.A. Stiles Celebrates 103 Years of Supplying Custom Wood Products

Westbrook, ME (October 17, 2014) - As H A Stiles celebrates 103 years, the company finds that custom wood products are more in demand than ever. We find that people choose their custom items from established wood suppliers like H A Stiles.

Steve Parish, Vice President of H A Stiles, says, “People are interested in production quantity size orders at wholesale prices for many items such as wooden dowels and wood handles. These are made in bulk at a variety of lengths and widths for a number or purposes. Mouldings, turnings, wooden displays, boxes and crates are also available to order in large quantities. We can provide solutions for hard to find items. I think the reason for our success is largely due to our long history of satisfied consumers and our ability to translate what they are looking for into the perfect products for their needs. “

Other customers are looking for a very personal look to their interior design whether it is for new building or remodeling. This is where H A Stiles comes in. We can provide interior and exterior columns, porch railings, balusters and more. Many of these products such as finials have a variety of uses; accenting furniture, curtain rods or lamps. These products can be custom made to order at smaller quantities.

In addition to supplying products, H A Stiles is able to provide a host of secondary operations such as branding, laser engraving and silk screening.

We are happy to discuss options that best suit your unique needs. Let our experienced sales staff assist you with all your wood product requirements.
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About H.A. Stiles

H.A. Stiles was established in 1911 as a wood product supplier for both the industrial and consumer sectors by Harry Stiles, in Massachusetts. Since then, H.A. Stiles has been a nationwide supplier of wood components ranging from wood dowels, turnings, and moldings to flatwork, boxes, and more. For more information, contact H.A. Stiles at 800.447.8537 or visit http://www.hastiles.com

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